The Ron Jones Educational Award

The purpose of these Awards is to encourage scholastic achievement. They are to honour the memory of a founder and long time dedicated worker for DATA, Mr Ronald N Jones AOM.

The Ron Jones Educational Awards offer a fantastic opportunity for students between years 6 to 11, to shine. They will be judged on scholastic ability exclusively assessed by a panel of judges accepted by DATA.

Applications for the The Ron Jones Educational Awards, are now open, so fill out your Application form below for a chance to win fabulous prize money.

Assessment is based on the Applicant’s school reports together with essay on the topic. There are two levels of Awards to be won. One Award is based on excellence and scholastic ability and three Awards for encouragement.


An Applicant must be either a financial member of DATA with chronic renal disease or a child of a financial member of DATA who has or did have chronic renal disease

An applicant must have completed any of years 6 to 11 and may apply for an Award by the end of June of the following year for presentation at the AGM of that  year.

An Award winner cannot apply for another Award for another two (2) years. An unsuccessful Applicant can apply in subsequent years.


Assessment will be judged on an Applicant’s previous year’s full school reports together with a 300-word hand written essay on the topic of ‘My Chosen Career’. Failure of an Applicant to submit full years’ reports may, in the discretion of the DATA Committee or the Judges, result in the disqualification of that Applicant.

The amount to be expended each year will be $3,600 and any amount not expended in any one year will not be available for use in subsequent years.

Provided there are sufficient Applicants with merit, there will be:

  • a) One (1) Award of $1,200 based on demonstrated excellence and scholastic ability.
  • b) Three (3) Awards of 800 each for encouragement of future academic achievement.

If, in any one-year, no Applicant demonstrates a sufficient degree of excellence, the judges may, in their discretion, withhold the Award of $1,200 based on excellence and scholastic ability. However, irrespective of the standard of the Application and provided that there are sufficiently qualified candidates, the judges must award three (3) encouragement Awards.

Notice of the Awards

Notice of the Awards will be advertised in at least three subsequent editions of ShoeString starting in the November edition of each year.

Applications will be printed in ShoeString and should be forwarded to the DATA Office by 30 June. Late Applications will not be accepted.

Schedule of Deadlines for Applications and Judging

  • Close of Applications: end of June.
  • Applications to Judges: last week of July.
  • Results from Judges: second week in September.
  • Advising Award Winners: 3 weeks before the AGM.
  • Presentation of Awards: at the AGM in October.

Awards will be presented to the successful Applicants at the AGM of each year. Parents will be invited to bring the Award winner to the AGM to receive a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Encouragement.

The Awards will be presented by Mrs Elvie Jones, a Ron Jones family member (i.e. Mark or Dirk) or the President of DATA.


No personal information given in an Application will be available to anyone. The only exception to this rule will be that an Applicant’s age, school reports (with the Applicant’s name and School obliterated) and the essay will be available to Members of the Judging Panel. Further, this exception will apply to a Sub-Committee specifically nominated each year by the DATA Committee to process the Award Applications. Those nominated persons will work in accordance with all Privacy Laws applicable in Victoria.

Applications forwarded to the Judges will have a code of identification known only to the nominated Sub-Committee.


These Rules may be amended by a majority decision at any validly constituted DATA Committee meeting provided that the Members of the Committee have been given at least 7 days notice of the proposed changes.

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