Social Welfare Grants

Members may apply for a Social Welfare grant to assist with needy circumstances. Applications are always in confidence, and are only considered through a Renal Social Worker.

We know that life can be hard when you’re coping with a long term condition like kidney disease and it can affect your ability to work and to live life to the full.

Financial support

If you’re a kidney patient struggling to make ends meet we can help you. We provide personal grants to help pay for items such as (but not limited to):

  • Domestic costs
  • Rent
  • Household items
  • Utility bills
  • Council rates
  • School fees

Who is eligible

Our personal grants are normally available to:

  • Dialysis patients and families on low income
  • Transplant patients and those receiving conservative care
  • if health and quality of life is being seriously affected by your renal condition

However, these are not the only criteria. If your life has been affected by kidney disease it might still be worth applying. (Applicants must be a member of DATA).

What we can fund

Domestic costs: we can help with some domestic bills such as car insurance and registration, gas and electricity costs and rent. We may also help with the purchase of domestic goods like washing machines, refrigerators or beds.

Education and training: we may be able to cover the cost of school fees, books, IT equipment for education and give support for courses enabling return to work.

Medical tests and equipment: we may be able to help with the costs for these items if they are essential to your treatment and are not covered by Medicare or your health insurance.

How to apply

You’ll need to contact your kidney unit social worker or a member of the kidney care team, as all applications for financial aid should come to us on a grant form completed with their input.

Cheques will be made payable to shops, service providers, etc. and cannot be made payable to the patient or any other individual.

Apply for a Social Welfare Grant

Members may apply for a Social Welfare grant to assist with needy circumstances.