DATA’s First Outing After Lockdown

Sunday 28th March 2021 was DATA’s first social event for more than a year. It was a wonderful day. Nice company, lovely food and weather to match. Barbecue was held at the Rosebud holiday house. There was plenty of food, laughter and a birthday. Amanda Pratt celebrated her birthday – 21 again. After we all had more food than we should, we met at The Enchanted Adventure Garden. At the garden some people played snakes and ladders. It’s never fair when the person in front, slides down the snakes and ends up last, but that’s the game. It was fun to watch from the viewing platform, how easy it was to get lost in a maze. Going down a slide was fun but lugging the tube up the hill was hard work. The canopy walk was not for faint hearted, the bridges constantly move when walked upon. Some people took it easy with a cuppa at the coffee shop. The gardens were nice to walk through. There was something of interest for everyone.

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