Travel Dialysis is new website designed for patients on haemodialysis to rate dialysis units they attend while travelling or when they are on holiday. Its main aim is to show everyone that the units are safe and reliable and to encourage patients to travel.

The website is run by DATA member Greg Collette who instigated its development as a community collaboration project with Swinburne University.

When you are going to dialysis in a strange unit it is likely you will have many questions about that unit – Is it safe? Are the staff knowledgeable and capable? Will I have to wait long for my sessions, are the chairs comfortable, is there Wi-Fi? Will it be clean and attractive? Any chance of a nice meal? Credit or cash?

Greg believes the best way to find out is to ask someone who has dialysed there. Someone who knows the ins and out of what dialysis patients worry about and expect. This is where the TravelDialysisReview website can play an important role in your travel plans. If you are looking to travel, search for the unit where you would like to dialyse and check it out.

The success of the website depends on a build-up of accurate reviews, so if you have travelled, please register and add your Dialysis Unit ratings.

There are no fees (if you are on dialysis, you’ve already paid enough). 

Hopefully, as it grows it will be our travel checkpoint: used by dialysis patients on the move, owned and managed by dialysis patients on the move.

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