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ShoeString denotes the feeling of life when it is turned up-side-down and that, with Kidney failure, Dialysis & Transplant, you sometimes have to pull yourself up by the shoe strings to get going.

Financial members receive a bi-monthly copy of shoestring, our newsletter, which contains articles of common interest and notices of coming events.

Your story in your words

Your contribution to articles in Shoestring are always of interest to our members.  One person’s victory over difficulties gives encouragement to many in the same situation. Use the Contact us page to help you submit an article.

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Latest Edition:

March 2024

(4.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Vale Celia Browne, Ron Jones Educational Awards Application, 2024 & 2023 Scholarship Recipients, French Island Vineyards and more…

January 2024

(4.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Christmas Gifts, Service of Remembrance, Sunyrasia Group Closure, Tiffany Tilbrook, Kate Gale, DATA Christmas Party and more…

November 2023

(4.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Vale Michael Oakley, Donate Life—Service of Remembrance, Type 2 Diabetes in Children, 50th AGM Photos and more…

September 2023

(3.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Grant a Dream for Kidney Kids, Pepper’s PKD challenge, Judy Smith’s Story, Mark Wolfenden update on Kidney Project USA and more…

July 2023

(2.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: DATA’s 50th Birthday Celebration, Holiday Homes, Rotary International Convention, Melbourne, History of DATA, Photos 50th Birthday Celebration and more…

May 2023

(3.4Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Our Next Outing, Rotary Convention, Filter Fun Park The Musical, Holiday Homes, Barefoot Bowls, Protect Your Health – Cut out Sodium, (Salt), Annalyse’s Story and more…

March 2023

(3.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Filter Fun Park, Photos of BBQ at Rosebud, World Kidney Day, 50th Celebration, Holiday Homes vacancy dates, Memories of Blackburn House from George Sosich and more…

January 2023

(3.4Mb PDF)

In this Issue:Filter Your Future & World Kidney Day, Holiday Homes, Invitation to 50th Birthday, Mark Wolfenden’s Letter, Q Train Outing 2022 with Pictures and more!

November 2022

(2.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue:President’s Annual Report, Fiftieth Anniversary of ShoeString Holiday Homes Annual Report, Annual Financial Report, Annual Statement of Income & Expenditure, Meet Your Committee— Margaret Hagedorn and more!

September 2022

(2.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: VALE Ross Ball, Holiday Homes, Happy 50th from Steve Kellerup, Social Outings coming up, Xmas in July & pictures.

July 2022

(1.4Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Carer’s Isssue next month, F Y F Progress Report, A Little Bit of Humour, Holiday Homes, Gwen’s Story, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Cruise on Paradise Queen.

May 2022

(2.4Mb PDF)

In this Issue:Vale Sue Hatzimichalis, More Memories from Pat Nottle, Botanical Gardens outing, Holiday Homes, Xmas in July Invitation, RJEA Application, Pig Heart Transplant Chapter 2, Resistance Training and more.

March 2022

(2.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Memories -Pat Nottlem Holiday Homes, Ron Jones Educational Award, 50th Year of ShoeString, Is It A Miracle? Ros Ball, Social Outings coming soon, World Kidney Day & Healthy kidneys Education Program and more.

January 2022

(2.8Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Farewell to Kim, Our Next Outings, Get To Know Your Committee Holiday Homes, World Kidney Day & Filter Your Future, Ron Jones Educational Award, Potassium Rich foods, Tip from George, Angela’s Antics and more.

November 2021

(1.6Mb PDF)

In this Issue: RJEA award Winners, Steve Shuster’s Story, PKD Awareness Day, Professor John Agar HomeDialysis Central Blog, Annual Financial Statement and more.

September 2021

(1.6Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Presidents Report, DATA Christmas Outing Sovereign Hill, Holiday Homes, Filter Your Future, PKD Awareness Day, Chapter 2 Darren’s Story, Angela’s Craft, Web pages of interest.

July 2021

(1.6Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Presidents Report, Get to Know Your Committee. Filter Your Future Report Dates to remember, Visit to Ripponlea, Five Egyptian Pounds, Expressions Of Interest Peritoneal Dialysis & Future Outings Hobbies & Crafts.

May 2021

(1.38Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Presidents Report, National Hero’s Night, Ron Jones Education Awards Application, Holiday Homes, Filter Your Future Report, Social Events Coming Up, Rosebud Social Outing, George Said’s Story, Staying Warm on Dialysis

March 2021

(0.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: COVID19 Vaccination, Invitation to Rippon Lea, Ron Jones Educational Award, DATA Holiday Homes, Have a Laugh, Fiona’s Story, Steve’s Story, Hobby & Crafts Corner.

January 2021

(0.8Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Presidents Report, 3D Printed Kidneys, DATA Holiday Houses, Travelling to Yarrawonga, Holiday Houses, Ron Jones Education Award, Social Activities, Angela’s Craft Corner.

November 2020

(1.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: AGM report, President’s Report, DonateLife Thank You Day, Exciting news from Ritchies, Filter Your Future Report, Dialysis Nurses keeping dialysis units safe, Financial Statements 2020, Stay Cool When It’s Hot, Angela’s Antics, Introducing Ray Ohlson, Have a Laugh.

September 2020

(1.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: AGM Invitation, President’s report, What to do at Holiday Homes, Remember Queen Street, Fistula: Miracle & Thief, Home Dialysis Central, Some Social Activities, Notice Of AGM, Treasurers Report AGM, COVID-19 Advice, ReCycling, Angela’s Activities

July 2020

(2.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s Report, Minister of Health Reply, DATA Holiday Houses, Keep Your Bones Healthy, Facts about Junk Food, XMAS in July2020, Pandemic Style, Coping with Covid19 Judy Smith’s Story, Coping with Covid19 Angela Lindsey’s Story, DonateLife, The Bookworm.

May 2020

(2.2Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Invitation to Xmas in July, Carer’s Day Feb 2020, Me, My Hip, & Covid-19, Facts About Sugary Drinks, Facts About Sugary Drinks, Are You Fully Aware Covid-19.

March 2020

(2.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: World Kidney Day, President’s Report, Best Wishes Prof John Agar, Healthy Kidney Education Project Report, Ron Jones Educational Awards, My Trip to Paris, New Committee Member Neane Collis.

January 2020

(1.6Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Meet the new Committee Members, President’s Report, Rosebud Dialysis Chair, DATA Social Activities, DATA Holiday Houses,, Ron Jones Educational Award, Reducing Salt Intake, Xmas Party/Social Events for 2020.

November 2019

(1.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue:

President’s Annual Report, Closure of Rosebud Holiday Dialysis Chair, Christmas Party, Royal Melbourne Show, A Yarrawonga Holiday, AGM Reports, Christmas is Coming, Living Legends, Have a Laugh, Puffing Billy, Upcoming Events, The Bookworm.

September 2019

(3.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s report, A Brief History of Dialysis, Getting the Call—Daryl Gilbert, Afternoon Tea at Box Hill Hospital, Avoid Falls, The Bookworm, Upcoming Outings – Puffing Billy & Christmas Party 2019, Philosophy Class, Outing Reports – Point Cook and Christmas in July.

July 2019

(2.9Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s report, Social Events, DATA Holiday Houses, DATA Updated website and Droned-delivered organs.

May 2019

(2.4Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s Report, Patient Carer Forum, DATA Holiday Houses, Ron Jones Education Award, DonateLife Week, Live Your Dreams, Information & Deadline.

March 2019

(4.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s report, Rosebud BBQ, DATA Holiday Houses, Ron Jones Educational Award, Service of Remembrance, Transition PD to HD, Melbourne River Cruise, Dialysis Unit Hobart and World Congress Nephrology Forum.

January 2019

(5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s report: AGM Report, DATA Holiday Houses, Ron Jones Educational Award, Kidney Care UK, Purple Truck, Zoo Xmas Party Burying a Bentley, Dialysis at Sea and more!

November 2018

(3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Caravan Holiday around Australia, Healthy Kidneys Education Project, Xmas Function, AGM Finance Report, Dialysis Australia, Ron Jones Award

September 2018

(3.2Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Yarrawonga celebrates 150 years, Royal Melbourne Show can you help? Events Page, Purple Bus and more.

July 2018

(5.2Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Xmas in July, Port Arlington, Maribyrnong, Can You Help, Library Books, Thailand Trip and more.

May 2018

(5.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: 1000th Transplant, Life changing gift, Anticipation of PD, Thailand Trip, Ron Jones Educational Awards, Photo Gallery and more!

March 2018

(3.1Mb PDF)

In this Issue: PD Story, Sensipar Story, Cultural Diversity, Thailand Trip, Ron Jones Educational Awards, Rosebud Dialysis Unit and more!

January 2018

(5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Healthy Kidneys School Education Project, Improvements at Rosebud, Keep moving this summer, The Key to Effective Hand Washing, Ron Jones Educational Awards and more!

November 2017

(1.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Annual General Meeting, Christmas picnic & BBQ, Financial Reports, Have a laugh and more.

September 2017

(3.8Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Trip of a lifetime, AGM Human Services, Support Organ donation ‘Opt-out’ and more.

July 2017

(1.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Special Effort raffle, Membership renewal, Ken Smith, Mouthwashes can help, Pier35 report and more.

May 2017

(1.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Visit to Baxter, Service of Remembrance, Blood pressure, What does phosphate do? Ron Jones Educational Awards, Ethan eyes the prize.

March 2017

(3.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: Altona Branch up and running, Barefoot Bowls, Autumn Picnic at Caribbean Gardens, Film night at Williamstown.

January 2017

(3.5Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s Report, That Dreaded Itch, We need your help, Have a laugh, DATA Trophy, Carer’s Group, Christmas photos and more.

November 2016

(3.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: SGM & AGM, Financial Reports, Ethan Daws wins gold.

August 2016

(1Mb PDF)

In this Issue:  Artificial Kidneys, The Australian Transplant Games, D for Diagnosis, Get well with humour, DATA Crossword, Have a laugh.

June 2016

(1.3Mb PDF)

In this Issue: President’s Report, It is OK to be on Dialysis, Paired Kidney Exchange, Have a laugh, Top 5 Tips to make your Dialysis more successful, Donate Life, Thanksgiving, DATA in Altona.

April 2016

(3.7Mb PDF)

In this Issue: 25 YEARS ON, Presidents Report, Holiday House Report, Office Progress.

February 2016

(4.2Mb PDF)

In this Issue:  Holiday Home Reports, Goodbye to Blackburn House, From the Archives.

November 2015

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September 2015

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June 2015

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May 2015

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March 2015

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Jan 2015

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November 2014

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September 2014

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July 2014

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May 2014

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March 2014

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Jan 2014

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November 2013

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September 2013

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July 2013

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May 2013

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February 2013

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January 2013

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November 2012

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September 2012

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July 2012

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May 2012

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March 2012

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November 2011

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March 2011

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January 2011

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